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March 23rd, 2012

DADOMATCH is a hiring platform and service that helps Sales Managers find and hire the perfect fit faster and with less cost.

Sales hiring is expensive, time consuming, and can be terribly risky. Although sales hiring processes begin with the intention to find the perfect fit, the wrong sales person is often hired. Social media and technologies have added new challenges and uncertainties for sales hiring managers.

The Internet/ecommerce  is one of the larger business segments in the U.S. and already contributes 5% of U.S. GDP.  Facebook has 845m users, LinkedIn 100m, Twitter 50m, the top 3 job boards have 40m unique monthly users, 10k websites per day link to Facebook. Hiring is at the center of a good deal of this social activity.  While the pieces have emerged, many managers lack the social hiring experience, time or budgets to assemble an effective social hiring program.  DADOMATCH can help.


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Find Your Perfect Fit: Criteria For Hiring Sales People

March 8th, 2012

Best Practices for Hiring  Sales People: Part 5                                                    

In this recurring DADO series, we explore best practices for hiring sales people.

By Christopher Simone, Vice President

Defining your perfect fit begins with defining the Sales person characteristics which are most relevant for your particular open sales position.

We began this series with an overview of the key characteristics that, together, define what matters when hiring a sales professional. Click Here.

This article focuses specifically on the “Drive” characteristic. Drive is defined by the degree to which your sales representatives will advocate, evangelize, and enlist prospects in the value of his/her ideas, perspectives, and proposals. Drive is sometimes characterized as “Assertive” and Passive”. In which way are your sales people driven?


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How to Post Your Sales Job For Free on DADO

March 5th, 2012


Post your sales job for free on the DADO job board, as well as Indeed, Simply Hired, JuJu and many more!

It’s simple. Just complete the submission form, login to DADO, and create your job post. Post as many sales jobs as you want for free. You will receive an email when a candidate applies to your sales opportunity. Login to DADO and view their DADO profile.

DADO is an easy way to quickly and efficiently hire your next sales person.

Get Started Now!

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